No Knead Bread Mix Ins


So apparently I'm years and years and years late to the no knead bread party. Totally just discovered it really recently, can you believe it?? The idea of making bread with actually just 2-3min of real work completely blew my mind. It made me super into bread making for two months, I couldn't stop. I made it almost every day. I started my own sourdough starter (which actually took me like 3 tries to get right yikes).

Then the holiday season came around and things got real busy. My parents wanted me to come home for a week or two, and TC and I had planned on spending a week or two in New York after the school semester ended. So I tucked my starter away into the coldest part of my fridge, prayed that the yeast would go to sleep, and left New Haven for three weeks. When we finally came back, I had pretty much completely forgot about bread making and about my sad little starter (whoops...).

But I finally dragged it out the other day! It was totally not pleased with me. There was this icky layer of liquid on top and it kind of looked like large flour-filled bubbles had formed. Ugh! Luckily, after I transferred some into a new container and fed it for a couple of days, it revived just fine. So now I'm totally super back into the bread thing.


You know, every time I bake bread, TC and I finish it all in a day (we're complete fatties for sure). To cut down on carbs, I've started making quarter loaves of the no knead bread. A quarter loaf is also the perfect size to slice up to make sandwiches for two with a side of potatoes or brussel sprouts, and the amount is also great to use as a side to hearty soups. You can add a whole bunch of stuff to it too. I've mostly stuck to either chocolate chips or cheese, but there are so many different combos out there. A list of no knead bread mix ins that I've tried:

  • With cheese, a recipe from the blog Macheesmo. This was my first mix-in and kind of my forever favorite. I literally will sit and eat this forever.
  • An olive bread version, also from Macheesmo.
  • These, a cool-looking sweet variation at Momtastic Foods. This is TC's favorite because he is like a real life chocolate monster (I'm trying to reference cookie monster here...)
  • Rosemary, garlic, and olive oil from Emily Levenson, which is basically like the best combo you can get for a tasty sandwich bread.

Others mix ins that I've flagged to be tried:

  • Breadtopia has a list of funky awesome mix ins that I've not yet tried, but would like to pretty soon.
  • Cinnamon raisin bread by Make It Naked, which I might try one of these days because TC just bought a huge box of raisins for absolutely no reason...and now he refuses to eat it??
  • Make beer bread with half a bottle of beer, and use the other half bottle to braise some short ribs and serve both for dinner.
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