Hi. I'm shelley.


I am...

A 20-something year old graduate student, research assistant, chef wannabe, baking amateur, and champion procrastinator.

A milquetoast academic {hopeful}, dataset put-togetherer, problem set hater, awaiting "real life" to begin. 

A once-upon-a-time musician (actually make that violinist) who achieved the childhood music-school dream and then is seen no more.


i like...

Overflowing coffee and tea, reading and writing in my pajamas, aimless wandering around the neighborhood, and shocking amounts of food.

Dancing silly, going on old couple walks, and watching reruns of friends.

Prokofiev violin concerto #1 {it's way better than #2, I don't care what anyone else says}; Sibelius symphony #2; Beethoven symphony #7 {okay who doesn't}.